Tank lining

Effective protection from mechanical and
weather-related damages on your elevated tanks.

Aggressive substances and slurry attack the internal coating and sealings of elevated tanks, resulting in the formation of cracks and leaks. SATTLER CENO’s sealing membranes and its leak detection system prevent slurry leakage. Whether for new constructions or refurbishment of an existing elevated tank in a bad condition, SATTLER CENO’s tank lining offers a reliable and excellent value for money solution. 


Product features of the tank lining

  • High-quality sealing membranes made from polyethylene, no use of plasticizers: sealing membranes remain dimensionally stable and are durable
  • Absolute UV and slurry resistant
  • High elasticity (up to 700 %)
  • Reliable proof of the sealing condition of the tank thanks to the Sattler CENO leak detection system
  • Attractive value for money relation

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