The optimal solution for the storage of:

> manure and slurry
> silage effluent
> sewage from animal husbandry
> beet pulp silage

SATTLER CENO has specialized in the manufacture of lagoons for the storage of slurry for more than two decades and since 2002 the company has been in possession of all relevant general approvals for manure, slurry and silage. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the material and to the cutting-edge manufacturing and welding technology, hundreds of lagoons manufactured by SATTLER CENO are currently being used to the full satisfaction of our customers. 

In particular, in the construction of biogas plants, the demand for large storage capacity solutions has increased.  Lagoons are ideal for this purpose since they can easily adapt to the local conditions regarding size, form and use. When the reduction of emissions is additionally required, SATTLER CENO’s floating cover offers an effective and proven solution. A further option is to equip lagoons with integrated large-scale gasholders. They serve as post-fermenters and/or fermentation residue storage solutions for the new construction or equipping of existing lagoons. A special service and control platform ensures optimal use.



  • Lagoons are not expensive and cost-effective.
  • Lagoons adapt harmoniously to the landscape.
  • Lagoons are low in emissions.


Lagoons for


  • Cost savings up to 50%
  • Large filling volume = excellent value for money and cost-effective
  • Permanent liquid-tight solution
  • Lower emissions compared with circular tanks
  • Unproblematic building permit

Lagoons for


  • Year-round availability of biogas substrate and animal feed
  • Reduced workload
  • Automatization through pumping technology
  • No mould formation
  • Complete draining of lagoons
  • Rainwater is collected and reused

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