Floating cover

A cost-effective alternative for the prevention of pollutant and odour emissions.

The floating cover: a cost-effective and environmentally safe solution.

The odour trap made from UV and slurry resistant material has a conical shape. The tight connection of the cover to the edges of the tank reduces ammoniac and odour emissions by nearly 95%. The membrane has operating and pipe openings to ensure comfortable and easy maintenance, and also control procedures. The rainwater collected during the operation can be pumped any time with a submersible pump.

Product features of the floating cover

  • High wind stability
  • No building license needed
  • Easy operation
  • Especially suitable for older concrete tanks such as steel and wood tanks
  • Gas-tight version available
  • Reliable rain water management system
  • Assembly on a filled tank is possible
  • Higher storage capacity up to 25 %
  • Improvement of the slurry values/nitrogen content of nearly 12 %

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