The industrial engineering business unit at SATTLER CENO meets all individual user requirements. Among the product range, you will not only find fully engineered products like halls & tents, work umbrellas, reinforcement hoses, protective fabrics and conveyor tracks. We also develop forward-looking solutions suited to your needs.




Mobile lightweight, storage and exhibition halls

When short term additional space is required as quickly as possible and conventional constructions are far too expensive, membrane constructions by SATTLER CENO are the optimum solution anywhere. We use high-end materials, specifically developed for hall and tent constructions that offer special features.

  • Hardly inflammable
  • Anti-fungicide treatment
  • Dirt-repelling varnish
  • Use of low-wick yarn

Whether opaque, highly transparent, white or coloured, our range is very versatile and adjusts to its intended purpose and customer needs.




Group tents by SATTLER CENO are used for different applications and are well-proven internationally. They are easy to handle and do not require any specialised knowledge. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for associations, youth groups, competitions or tent camps for charity organisations and emergency personnel, just as for any other outdoor activity.

  • Simple handling and quick set up
  • Modular construction
  • Long product life-time: robust scaffold made from anodised aluminium and aluminium pressure die-casting connectors
  • Durable and resistant fabric



Fabrics with a synthetic coating that have shown great results for many years in the agricultural sector, be it used as protective clothes, conveyor belts to transport harvest products or for other applications, they stand out for their special features:

  • Highly tear-resistant membranes
  • High flexibility and low material weight
  • Optimum protection from mechanical and weather-related wear
  • High tightness, hard-wearing and abrasion resistance




SATTLER CENO’s work umbrellas are very versatile. They can be used as protection from weather conditions when working outside. As they are very light and compact when folded, they are the perfect solution for hardly accessible local conditions.

  • Hardly inflammable according to fire resistance class B1
  • Water repellent and antiputrefactive
  • Robust structure
  • Light and compact

An extensive standard program that makes it possible to offer a short-term delivery if required.

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