Rapid and efficient flood protection

When there is a flood, it becomes a race against time to build up efficient water barriers.

The CENO-TUBE is a mobile hose system filled with water that can be used within a short period of time and that offers flood protection for a height up to 2.60 m. Additional material transport or use of heavy equipment is not necessary.


Easy - fast - safe


A CENO-TUBE dike can be assembled several times faster than a sandbag dike.  

Taking a dike road that is 100 m long and 1 m high and considering a warning time of an hour as a reference, the difference in terms of use of resources is huge.

On the left you will find the resources needed to set up a sandbag dike and on the right the ones needed to set up a CENO-TUBE dike.

What are the advantages CENO-TUBE offers?

  • Temporary and mobile use: no foundations,
    sealing elements or any further building work needed
  • Easy handling: Quick assembly and disassembly and only a few helpers needed
  • No use of heavy equipment needed
  • Fast filling with pumps
  • Can be used on any terrain
  • Reusable
  • Space-saving and cost-efficient in terms of storage and transport
  • Available in different presentations
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

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