Sattler CENO solutions
for protection from emissions

Optimally combined technologies and services form the basis for the reliable operation of your plant.  Sattler CENO offers a wide array of products ranging from air-supported systems to mast-supported coverings: the right solution for every requirement. Our experienced employees are pleased to be at your service in regards to any combination of technologies to fit your needs.



The tower silo roof (HSD) is usually mounted on top of a tank and it is primarily used to reduce emissions and to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the substrate, fermentation residues or slurry. Irrespective of whether used for an in-situ concrete, a concrete element or a steel tank: SATTLER CENO’s tower silo roof offers the perfect solution to reduce emissions without being a gas-proof covering when used across many application fields such as slurry storage, sewage treatment plants and biogas storage systems.

The statically secured structure and construction of the tower silo roof ensure highest resistance from wind, rain and snow loads. Its special fabrication design prevents it from pumping and fluttering, while the construction of the tank helps prevent strain on the membrane materials. This contributes to expand the lifespan of SATTLER CENO’s tower silo roof.  

A central telescopic mast with a wheel on top combined with a fixed stainless-steel anchoring system on the edge of the tank provides the tension required and bears external loads such as wind, rain and snow.

Product features of the tower silo roof

  • High structural stability
  • Prevention of odour emissions
  • Prevents rainwater from infiltrating
  • Corrosion and rot resistant materials
  • Suitable manholes for inspections and maintenance
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Especially adjusted edge fixings


The economic and environmentally safe solution
to avoid pollutant and odour emissions. 

The odour trap is made from UV and slurry resistant material and has a conical shape. The tight connection of the cover to the edges of the tank reduces ammoniac and odour emissions by nearly 95%. The membrane has operating and pipe openings to ensure comfortable and easy maintenance and control procedures. The rainwater collected during its use can always be pumped with a submersible pump.

Product features of the floating cover

  • high wind stability
  • no building license needed
  • easy operation
  • especially suitable for older concrete tanks such as steel and wood tanks
  • gas-tight version available
  • reliable rainwater management
  • assembly is possible on a filled tank
  • higher storage capacity up to 25%
  • improvement of the slurry values/nitrogen content of nearly 12%

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