double membrane gas holder

Efficient storage of biogas mounted on steel or concrete tanks, available in different geometric shapes, but in its classic version as 1/4-sphere or hemisphere.

The tank-mounted double membrane gasholder (DMGS-TM) is directly mounted on steel or concrete tanks for the storage of biogas and consists of an outer membrane that determines the shape and an inner membrane, that seals the fermentation room tight from any gas leaks. The constantly running supporting-air blower generates pressure in the space between both membranes. This keeps the shape of the outer membrane and ensures at the same time the resistance to external loads. As with the freestanding DMGS, the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM is also used for this design. Both membranes are anchored to the crown of the outer wall of the steel or concrete tank fitting and preserving the form. 


A Outer membrane   B Inner membrane   C  AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM   D Brace system   E Anchor ring  
F Air preservation valve   G Blowers   H Safety valve   I Inspection window   J Fill level indicator

Product features of the tank-mounted DMGS

  • Sophisticated technology and assured quality
  • Supporting-air flow with the patented
  • Flowing system with EX monitoring
  • Energy saving and safe operation ensured by blowers with flat characteristic line
  • Highest measurement accuracy thanks to multiple measurement points on the gas holder
  • The welt system withstands forces acting on it safely
  • Consideration of the maximum load cases
  • Project specific engineering


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