Gas storage,
mobile & temporary.

A mobile double membrane gas holder to rent. The temporary gas holder can be rented any time for one single use or longer.

SATTLER CENO’s mobile gas holder to rent was designed as double membrane gas holder. It offers operating safety at the plant and can be used with co-generating units. It is an ideal alternative when gas holders are being serviced or refurbished.

When modification or repair works are carried out at existing plants with biogas holders, there is often the need for a temporary biogas storage solution. The lack of a temporary storage alternative not only leads to limitations in the flexibility of the plant, but also causes considerable financial losses.  Furthermore, the lack of a reliable temporary storage system carries the danger of biogas leakage or methane into the environment, an aspect that should be avoided and not only for ecological reasons.


A Outer membrane   B Inner membrane   C  AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM   D Supporting-air chamber  
E Pressure controlling flap   F Base frame   G Gas pipeline   H Condensate line   I
Supporting air blower 
Relief valve (overpressure)   K Control cabinet   L Inspection window

Product features of the mobile gas holder to rent

  • Individual rent times
  • Quickly available
  • Ready for operation delivery
  • Standard lorry road transport
  • Adjustable operation pressure from 10 - 30 mbar
  • 150 m³ effective volume
  • 2x gas connections DN150
  • Gas detector to monitor the supporting air
  • Control cabinet for on-site operation


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