double membrane gas holder

Be it the ¾ or the hemisphere form: the freestanding gas holder is an indispensable component for efficient biogas plants.

The freestanding double membrane gas holder (DMGS), in its ¾ or hemisphere form represents the traditional external gas storage solution for high gas pressures and storage capacities. Sattler CENOʼs DMGS consists of an outer membrane that gives the form to the gas holder and an inner and floor membrane that build the actual storage space for biogas. A permanently running supporting air blower transports slight overpressured air into the space between the outer and inner membrane of the gas holder. This air holds the shape of the gas holder, allowing the gas holder to withstand external loads like wind or snow.  At the same time, slight overpressure is applied to the inner membrane. This is called operating pressure of the double membrane gas holder and makes it possible to reconduct the stored biogas into the system.

A further visible trademark of SATTLER CENO’s DMGS is the patented AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM. This trademark ensures a uniform air inclusion into the system and throughout the full height of the gas holder. Laser measurement is preferably used to determine the filling level. To increase the accuracy of the measurement, the inner membrane is specially manufactured to ensure reproducible membrane movement. 


A Outer membrane   B Inner membrane   C  AIRFLOW-SYSTEMTM   D Air regulation valve  
E Supporting-air blower   F Anchor ring   G Safety valve   H Inspection window   I Fill level indicator

Product features of the freestanding DMGS

  • Sophisticated technology and assured quality
  • Supporting-air flow with the patented
  • Highest measurement accuracy thanks to
    the controlled inner membrane
  • Energy saving and safe operation ensured by blowers with a flat characteristic line
  • Flowing system with EX monitoring
  • Permanently leakproof
  • Optimum fill level measurement
  • Project specific engineering
  • The storage capacity increases with the 7/8-sphere.


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